Buffer limit on server listings.

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Sat Mar 27 18:32:05 GMT 2004

I know about the NetrShareEnum() call (note the 'r'), which is an RPC call
that compensates for the 12-byte name limitation in share listings when
using the RAP NetShareEnum() call (no 'r').

In the older RAP category, there's the
  - Outdated NetServerEnum() (no 'r', no '2') call.  That was used, I
    with early versions of the Browse Service.
  - The NetServerEnum2() (with '2', no 'r'), which is still used today to
    gather copies of the Browse List.

I have *not* heard of NetServerEnum3(), and when I google for it the top
reference is jCIFS code.  I would love to see some doco or, better, a
trace.  This would be a nifty thing to add to my browse service
documentation (as an annotation).

I have also never heard of a NetrServerEnum() RPC call, and googling turns
up nothing.  Can you point me at any documentation?


Chris -)-----

Michael B Allen wrote:
> Rakesh Patel said:
> >
> > When using smbclient -L to list servers from a browse master, the list
> > returned is not complete. Using "net view" under XP will return the full
> > listing for large domains, however smbclient does not properly handle
> > partial results as expected by the Windows environment.
> Smbclient uses NetServerEnum RAP function which is limited to 64K of data.
> XP is probably using the equivalent RPC call.
> > I looked at the code and attempted to utilize cli_receive_trans to cause
> > the next packet to be sent by the Windows browse master, but unfortunately
> > it simply errors out.  Adjusting buffer sizes seems to be a futile
> > attempt,
> > as the packet is complete and processed properly, however there are no
> > examples of code  in 3.0.2rc1 that check for a result code of ERRmoredata
> > and actually processing the next data to be sent.  Attempting to use
> > cli_receive_trans and cli_send_trans proved futile.
> It's not a RAP transaction limitation -- it's a browser protocol limit.
> Either the NetrServerEnum RPC must be used or I hear there is a
> NetServerEnum3 that can get the secondary buffers.
> I'm not sure (someone will correct me if I'm wrong) but I beleive the
> rpcclient utility can perform the NetrServerEnum call. Perhaps you can use
> that?
> It would be a little smoother if smbclient/libsmbclient would just use the
> appropriate call depending on wheather or not the server supports rpcs but
> for some reason that doesn't appear to be the case.
> Mike

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