Incorrect smbfs file size reporting

Brett Funderburg brettf at
Wed Mar 24 16:37:36 GMT 2004

I have a large file on a share on a Win2K server.
 Right click on the file -> Properties reports:
  Size: 5.12 GB (5,507,929,522 bytes)
  Size on disk: 5.12 (5,507,932,160 bytes)

If I use smbmount to mount the share and do an ls -l, the file size is
reported as 1,212,962,226 bytes. (This happens to be the actual size minus

If I use smbclient to connect to the share, the file size is reported as
5,507,929,522 bytes (correct)

Using a WinXP client, the file size is also reported correctly.

If I copy this 5GB file locally to an ext3 filesystem, the file size is
reported correctly.

This is on debian woody, kernel 2.4.22.

Is there some patch, maybe an upgrade to 2.6 kernel or something that will
fix this?



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