standard_sub_basic() and current_user_info

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Thu Mar 18 21:45:20 GMT 2004

On Fri, 2004-03-19 at 08:22, Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
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> Can someone please tell me if the current_user_info
> struct should still be used in the 3.0 tree ?  It's used
> in some places but not in others and the inconsistency
> is breaking many calls to standard_sub_basic().
> I am working on the include = %%[GU].conf bug and just
> need to know the current convention should be.
> Note that standard_sub_basic() relies on current_user_info()
> for the %D expansion.

OK.  That's nasty.  

I think current_user_info isn't being updated right.  I think the
correct solution is to make as many things as possible follow the vuid
to a the user_struct, and read information from that.  The information
there is accurate - in particular, the 'server_info' substruct is the
place I've been trying to make as accurate as possible.

This information is accurate and maintained because it comes directly
from the passdb, or the info3 on a netlogon.  

The root of the problem is that change_to_user() is not updating the
entire structure, I think.  I'm tending to think it shouldn't either.

For %U and %G, grab the smb_name from that same vuid based user_struct. 
This will break for 'security=share' games, but I'm starting to care
less and less about getting magic expansions right in those cases...

(There is possibly more work to be done for kerberos logins).

Andrew Bartlett

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