ClearCase/SAMBA- help required

Rubiolo Jeronimo-ajr037 jeronimo.rubiolo at
Wed Mar 10 02:33:40 GMT 2004

Hi All,
I think I have found the problem. The server have a failed disk that is causing the problem. I'll replace it and I think that this would solve the problem.
Thanks for all who replied to my mail.
Jerónimo Rubiolo

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hi jeronimo, 

what exactly is your problem? 

i've some clearcase-servers here running samba 3.0.2 (before i had 2.2.8) 
and they are working fine, no problems here... 

try to describe your problem a little more, so maybe i can helb you... 

best regards, 

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Hi, I'm having a similar problem like the one I found in the following link: <>  < <> >  

I need to know if anyone found a solutions to it. 
Best regards, 
Jerónimo Rubiolo 
Motorola Argentina. 

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