i18n question.

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Fri Mar 5 17:53:50 GMT 2004

On Fri, Mar 05, 2004 at 07:34:32PM +0900, Shiro Yamada wrote:
> Can I ask you a question here?
> What do you mean by a path name here, a share name or a directory name?

Directory name.

> If it is a share name, then no it is not working, smbd still fails to
> find the valid share in smbd/service.c:find_service().

Yes I know about that bug. I'm looking to fix the substitute function
to prevent that - thanks for the patch.

> If it is a directory name, then we've never had a problem and we can
> access to it without a problem.

Well that's what I'd like you to check - I don't want to have
broken that.

> One thing I've realised is that when Windows client access to a share
> and a user attempts to make a new file from right click menu and choose
> "create new" "text file", it no longer queries for a file name, it just
> creates a new file with name "new txt file" or what ever you call it.

Ok, thanks - I'll check this.

> I'll spend some more time on the next week to do further testing.

Much appreciated, thanks,


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