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Fri Mar 5 12:51:48 GMT 2004

On Fri, 2004-03-05 at 19:40, Simo Sorce wrote:
> Hello Volker and all samba-techincal fellows,
> nice to see finally other people get some time to think about this
> issue.
> I would like to espose here my view that's the sum of near a year of
> toughts about the sam (passdb) system.
> If your time is valuable stop here and discard this email ;-)
> Ok if you are reading this line I'll warn you, this is a _long_ and
> possibily boring mail.
> You have been warned! :-)

Drat.  I  should have listened.  But anyway ;-)

> Now that the limits of the current system shows up it may be the time to
> get out again some ideas.
> First of all, I think we should get a step back from current programming
> and look at the whole picture and take in account a number of factors.
> a) we need a system the mimic windows behaviour as close as possible so
> that MS System tailored application can work with our PDC.
> b) we need to ease as much as possible administration issues for our
> user base as the insights of a domain controller are yet compilcated by
> itself, requiring our admins to understand the implications of a mixing
> of semnathics from win32 to unix is most of the time just too much
> c) we need a consistent account database system not splitted over 100
> little hacks around the code.

I strongly agree!

Also, I think the point about winbind_rpc not being sufficient needs to
be emphasised.  There are things we want to store in the backend that
make it even more unsuitable than it already is dealing with NT4 (the
'domain users' forced primary group, for example).

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