create/mkdir performance

Steven French sfrench at
Tue Jun 29 04:08:32 GMT 2004

The case insensitive improvements in create/mkdir seem to make a huge
difference in performance as expected. See below:

Running Connectathon basic test1 (the create timing test) as
      ./test1 -t  3 1000 4
(creating  21000 files in 84 directories 3 levels deep)

cifs vfs to Samba 3.0.5pre2 145 seconds
smbfs vfs to Samba 3.0.5pre2 2958 seconds (from the 1st to the last create
in the directory, is two order of magnitude difference in Samba server
response time for smbfs, but roughly the same for cifs vfs)

Clients and server were running on Linux 2.6.7 kernel

statcache effects are huge

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