Large winbindd_cache.tdb file

Joe Meadows jameadows at
Mon Jun 28 21:36:35 GMT 2004


We are running into problems caused by the size of winbindd_cache.tdb
growing too large.  In the latest case the file was over 100 MB.  In looking
over the code I see that there is a function winbindd_check_cache_size() in
winbindd_cache.c which is supposed to clip the file to
WINBINDD_MAX_CACHE_SIZE which is set to 50 MB.  But the only call to this
function is in winbindd.c:process_loop() and it is ifdef'd out.

Does anyone have any background on the reason that
winbindd_check_cache_size() is not used and whether or not it would be safe
to reenable this function?  Did calling winbindd_check_cache_size()
introduce any performance problems, cache corruption or some other known
problem that caused it to be not used?

Thanks in advance,
Joe Meadows
Snap Appliance

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