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Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Wed Jun 23 02:49:18 GMT 2004

Random comments...

> Toned down the yellow and used it as an accent to links, borders, etc.

Shows up funny in Konqueror.  The outlines run over the text in the 
neihboring cell.  Odd.

> Tightened things closer together.  Brough out the red from the logo in 
> headings.

The logo colors are still a bit odd.  The yellow is greener than it 
probably should be.  The red seems lost against the blue.

The phrase "Opening Windows to a Wider World"...  Might want to do that in
all lower case.  If you like, you can use the "The Aeroplane Flies High
Heavy" font to do it as a graphic.  I think I sent you the font.

> This is not complete, but I wanted to get some minor things done before
> starting on navigation menu and page hierarchy tomorrow night.

My 2cents only.

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