libsmbclient and kerberos

Andy Grimm ag381597 at
Wed Jun 23 01:16:42 GMT 2004

Forgive me if this has been discussed on the list before.  I checked the
last few months of Subject lines and didn't see anything relevant.

I'd like to know if adding the use_kerberos flag (or any other form of
kerberos functionality) to the _SMBCCTX struct in libsmbclient is
something that anyone is looking at doing or has thought about
previously.  What are the caveats?  Is there a reason that it does not
make sense to do so?

I'm looking mostly for the purpose of making the smb module of gnome-vfs
kerberos-aware.  I suppose I could just write a new smb module that gets
linked directly against libsmb, but that doesn't really seem proper. 
Any guidance would be appreciated.


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