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Tue Jun 22 11:40:54 GMT 2004

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Tom Alsberg wrote:

| Normally, yes...  But if Administrator (the user named
| Administrator, apparently not just someone in Domain
| Admins) adds the printer connection (to a network printer),
| it is then visible to all users.

I would double check that.  In my experience, this
is not the case (and I just double checked).  Printer
connections are stored on a per user basis no matter
who makes them.  Only local printers are available to
all users on a workstation.

| Nothing to do with printer drivers - they reside on the
| server, and if not, they come installed with Windows.

Not really.  The drivers are installed on the server an
downloaded to the client on demand by the spooler service.
You cannot view the printer properties unless the driver
has been downloaded and installed on the client. At least
not the driver specific properties.

cheers, jerry
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