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Guenther Deschner gd at
Thu Jun 17 16:40:38 GMT 2004

Hi Jeremy & Tridge,

while working on a large file-server migration, I stumbled over the
ACL_FORCE_UNMAPPABLE-condition in smbd/posix_acl.c. 

If set, unpack_nt_owners allows to map unmappable (group-only or
user-only) chown sets to the current user's uid (or gid).

Exactly this functionality is required if data-migration is done via e.g.
"scopy.exe" (the same applies to robocopy.exe). If not set, set_nt_acl
responses with NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED and scopy fails to copy the file

The ACL_FORCE_UNMAPPABLE-condition was first added by Tridge

was later replaced by Jeremy with a new configuration setting ("force
unkwnon acl user = BOOL").

This setting then was removed again from samba 2.2 during a merge from HEAD

and is now inaccessible (without recompiling). Could we please have back
the configuration setting - this time in samba 3.0 ?

Its obviously the only way to do automated and unattended
file-server-migration from nt4-servers with scopy/robocopy.

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