Patch: System keytab usage improvements

Dan Perry dperry at
Thu Jun 3 16:42:21 GMT 2004

> Thanks.  I'll give that a try.  One question I have about the patch,
> though...  Does one need to re-generate the configure script after
> applying the patch?  I noticed that configure is not correctly
> identifying that it should use WRFILE: instead of FILE: for the keytab
> file (I'm using MIT krb 1.3.3), so I have to manually fix some spots in
> the code after running configure.

Yes, you need to run the script (found in source/) to generate a
new configure script.  Otherwise, the WRFILE prefix won't get detected, among
other things.

> One last, question about the mailing list...  Is this the list to which
> I should submit a very small patch if I find something that needs to be
> fixed to allow Samba to be built on our systems (Solaris 8)?  The info
> about the list says that it is for Samba developers (which I'm not).

This list is a good place to send in a patch... (I'm not a samba developer


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