Patch: System keytab usage improvements

James, Garrick garrick.james at
Thu Jun 3 16:37:31 GMT 2004

> Yes, good catch.  Here's a link to an updated keytab patch 
> that fixes that
> issues:

Thanks.  I'll give that a try.  One question I have about the patch,
though...  Does one need to re-generate the configure script after
applying the patch?  I noticed that configure is not correctly
identifying that it should use WRFILE: instead of FILE: for the keytab
file (I'm using MIT krb 1.3.3), so I have to manually fix some spots in
the code after running configure.

> To put a computer account in the directory like:
> "cn=computer,ou=a,ou=b,ou=c,dc=company,dc=com"
> use the following command syntax:
> net ads join "/c/b/a"
> The path sort of like a uri, the order of the ou's is opposite that
> in a dn. Leave off the base dn as well, samba will add that for you.

Yes, stupid me.  After RTFMing more last night, I found that very well
documented already.  Sorry for wasting bits on that one.

Again, thanks for the good work on this patch--it's definitely needed!

One last, question about the mailing list...  Is this the list to which
I should submit a very small patch if I find something that needs to be
fixed to allow Samba to be built on our systems (Solaris 8)?  The info
about the list says that it is for Samba developers (which I'm not).


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