solved: Problem using CP850 with samba-3.0.4

Michael Collin Nielsen michael at
Wed Jul 21 14:13:29 GMT 2004


I came to the conclusion that the libiconv, that I supplied when I ran 
configure wasn't used... config.log showed that the shared library 
couldn't be loaded by the configure script. The configure only adds a -L 
libiconv-path not a -R libiconv-path, therefore all the tests failed. I 
added a LDFLAGS=-R/path/to/libiconv/lib, and now configure is able to do 
the conversions :-)

All is now nice and dandy :-) Sorry for taking your time...



Michael Collin Nielsen wrote:

> Hi
> I'm testing a setup for migrating our sparc, solaris8/9 samba from 2.x 
> to samba-3.0.4.
> Doing that I would like to migrate all userfiles from the old CP850 
> codepage to UTF-8. In order to do that I will first put the new samba-3 
> into production using the old CP850 codepage, and then at some late 
> weekend night convert all filnames from CP850 til UTF-8 and change the 
> unix codepage in smb.conf.
> I have tested the setup using UTF-8 so far and that works very well, but 
> have now change to using unix codepage CP850. I can see that I now use 
> the library that comes with samba.
> When I create a file with a name containing the danish letters æøå, then 
> the file is created OK on the filesystem with the CP850 name. However 
> when samba is to show the file to the windows user, then the file has 
> squares in it - no danisk letters :-(
> Also old files containing danish lettes in CP850 codepage is shown with 
> squares in the filename. The files/folders cannot be deleted.
> I have made my smb.conf and a debug level 10 log available at 
> The event that I logged was a rename of a folder called "Ny folder" to 
> HEREæøåHERE. The log is called log.CP850
> My client is a danish Windows XP sp1 with all MS updates. It is in semi 
> production, therefore the logfile also includes other info... However I 
> have tried to clean unimportant stuff before and after the event out of 
> the log. A search for HERE or OOPS in the file should give a good result 
> ...
> Hope you will look into this :-)
> Regards
> -Michael

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