Problem using CP850 with samba-3.0.4

Michael Collin Nielsen michael at
Wed Jul 21 09:41:47 GMT 2004


I'm testing a setup for migrating our sparc, solaris8/9 samba from 2.x 
to samba-3.0.4.

Doing that I would like to migrate all userfiles from the old CP850 
codepage to UTF-8. In order to do that I will first put the new samba-3 
into production using the old CP850 codepage, and then at some late 
weekend night convert all filnames from CP850 til UTF-8 and change the 
unix codepage in smb.conf.

I have tested the setup using UTF-8 so far and that works very well, but 
have now change to using unix codepage CP850. I can see that I now use 
the library that comes with samba.

When I create a file with a name containing the danish letters æøå, then 
the file is created OK on the filesystem with the CP850 name. However 
when samba is to show the file to the windows user, then the file has 
squares in it - no danisk letters :-(
Also old files containing danish lettes in CP850 codepage is shown with 
squares in the filename. The files/folders cannot be deleted.

I have made my smb.conf and a debug level 10 log available at
The event that I logged was a rename of a folder called "Ny folder" to 
HEREæøåHERE. The log is called log.CP850

My client is a danish Windows XP sp1 with all MS updates. It is in semi 
production, therefore the logfile also includes other info... However I 
have tried to clean unimportant stuff before and after the event out of 
the log. A search for HERE or OOPS in the file should give a good result ...

Hope you will look into this :-)



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