Is there any samba to be used on HP-UX 10.10?

Doelker, Rainer rainer.doelker at
Fri Jul 16 07:00:17 GMT 2004

Hi samba-experts,

I've got a customer who is bound to the -out of support- HP-UX10.10
(with e.g. no pam-modules, etc.). They need this server for "In Concert"
(Workflow management tool) and Oracle7.0 (o.o.s. as well). They need to
migrate from ASU (NT3.51 compatible) to any available samba to offer
shares to a W2k3/W2k/WinNT4 Domain.

Member server would be fine, but 'security = share' would also be
enough. Is there any version you would recommend to give it a try? Does
anybody in the world have a ready package which he runs successfully on
such an old OS? (I really do no believe it)

Very many thanks.

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