Move problem stick bit doens work

Filipe Miranda filipe at
Wed Jul 7 18:09:59 GMT 2004


I´m having problems with samba-common-2.2.1a-4 when I move files between 
groups on a shared folder mapped in a MS Windows workstation.


filipe:x:500:500:User Filipe:/home/filipe:/bin/bash
thiago:x:501:501:User Thiago:/home/thiago:/bin/bash

Directories permissions
root finance   rwx rws --- finance   
root comercial rwx rws --- comercial

If the user Filipe move a file from the finance directory to the comercial 
directory the permission will be preserved, overwritting the stick bit 
directory permission:


$cd finance
$ls -l
-rwxrrwx---    1 filipe     finance      346 Mar 31 17:56 test.txt

$mv test.txt /comercial

$ls -l /comercial
-rwxrrwx---    1 filipe     finance      346 Mar 31 17:56 test.txt

This happens only when I move files, when I copy files, or create files, the 
result would be:

-rwxrrwx---    1 filipe     comercial      346 Mar 31 17:56 test.txt

I would like to know if there is a solution for this problem?

Thank you !

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 The box said: "Requires Windows 98/2000/XP/NT, or better."
 So, I installed LINUX!

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