NetBIOS Session Service client lib

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Thu Jan 15 10:12:56 GMT 2004

Hi tridge,

just for notice I've started to code a
NetBIOS Session Service client lib.

I'll later change the libcli code to use this.

and then I'll add this stuff to the server side.
this hopefully let me abstract the server code a lot more,
here some goals I have in mind:

1.)	have a full async protocol stacking
1.1)	that means we have a 'service_context' for each listen socket
	and attach a 'protocol_ops' struct to it which known the
	first protocol on top of tcp.
1.2)	for each connection to a 'service' we got an
	'connection_context' which holds a read and write buffer for
	the connection socket(s)(we'll handle the read and write fd's
	seperate because this will us easy allow us to communicate over
	the stdin and stdout fd's).
1.3)	each subprotocol send's its data directly (this is non-blocking)
	to it's parent protocol, till it's in the connection_context's
	write buffer.
1.4)	the connection_context's write fd event's write_handler will
	then send the data to the socket.

Comments plase?


Stefan Metzmacher <metze at>

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