[PATCH] Terminal Profile Path settings

Yohann Fourteau yohann.fourteau at aitb.org
Fri Feb 27 08:30:34 GMT 2004

Selon Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at samba.org>:
> Why can't we just implement what microsoft uses?  Why should we need to
> 'detect' that a user is on the terminal server, and how do you consider
> the implications of managing these users *from* a terminal server?  (the
> normal profile path would not be displayed).  
> Finally, making decisions based on the current user, remote machine etc
> inside passdb makes it really badly behaved - just because a global
> variable is there, doesn't mean we should use it...

What I don't understand is why Samba doesn't implement that feature ? It's not
new, TSE is quite old. Nobody needs that or what ?
I don't know the complete history of Samba, but there is some messages (not a
lot) on newsgroups of persons who need terminalprofilepath and trying to play
with %m variable in profile path to simulate that feature without success.

To the question "Why can't we just implement what microsoft uses?", I would like
! But me, I can't do that (You've seen how I code). 

So what is the position of the Samba team for that kind of questions. Can I hope
 one day to have that feature in Samba ? Citrix is on the trend in France, I'm
consultant and I can't propose Samba as an alternative to a windows PDC to my
customers without such a feature. 

Yohann F.

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