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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Thu Feb 12 14:32:43 GMT 2004

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Andrew Bartlett wrote:

| This scares me.  In a signal handler, we are going to open
| a tdb, and complete various manipultations of our
| core databases?
| I realise we need a way to reset the process count, but
| this seems like any easy way to get all sorts of mess in
| our tdbs.
| Can we safely manipulate a tdb in this case, or am I
| missing something?
| I would prefer a scheme were we 'validate' that
| number, against currently alive pids and their records in
| the connections.tdb.  (But I realise that has race problems
| and other complexity).

I'm open to other solutions.  It works fine under my tests
for tdb corruption but there are a lot possible location for
of smb_panic()'s.  The decrement_smbd_count is only called
from smbd (hence the awkward linking difficulties).

But until a better solution comes along this is what we have.

cheers, jerry
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