smbclient anonymous logins Samba 3.0.1

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Do you have "force group" or "force user" in the global settings section of smb.conf? Samba 3.0.1 will fail to allow tcon and tcon_and_X when the force tags cause a change in uid or gid after the IPC service has already been connected to by the anonymous user. The suggested fix is to move the force tags into the individual shares.

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I have attempted to avoid emailing this list as long as possible while
trying to get some help on the regular samba users list. Unfortunately,
no help is coming my way... so...
I had emailed the samba list a few times about 3.0.1 and network
neighborhood browsing issues. I just realized when I use the command:
smbclient -L servername -N
I receive:
Anonymous login successful
tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE
As I mentioned in that email, when I do supply a password the shares are
enumerated correctly. So here's my question:
If anonymous listing of shares is not possible does this explain the
failure to be able to browse the Neighborhood?
I have already checked to make sure all client stations are using Wins
and Wins support is enabled in the Samba config. There is no firewall
blocking connections to 137, 139 or 445. I ran the command:
nmblookup -L servername -d=5 
It verifies connections to port 137 are working.
Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

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