NT Security Semantics patch

samba.0billj04 at spamgourmet.com samba.0billj04 at spamgourmet.com
Mon Aug 23 13:54:02 GMT 2004

I'm interested in porting the NT Security Semantics patch, originally 
written by Matt Zinkevicius 
I'd like to port it to Samba_3_0_RELEASE (the patch currently is written 
against 3.0-beta3).  I've been looking around the source code, and noticed 
that there is now support for storing DOS attributes in EA (as of 3.0.3). 
I assume that I can use this as-is and focus exclusively on porting the NT 
security semantics.  Do the DOS attributes support Hidden, Archive, etc. 
on directories?  Anything else I should be aware of before I start?  Is 
anyone else working on this that I should coordinate with?


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