Some linux-cifs-client ideas

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Mon Aug 23 11:37:47 GMT 2004

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Hi Steve,

I someone told me that you want to support that each user can use it's own credentials when mounting
a share on a cifs that correct?

I have a view ideas how to realise this:

1. What we want

- - Every unix user should be able to mount and umount cifs shares when he wants it,
~  so not only at login time. (using it's own credentials: user/dom/pass or krb5...)

- - (Maybe) browse through the network neighbourhood like browsing through a unix directory

2. Aproach

- - having a virtuell cifs filesystem (like sysfs) mounted on /cifs
~  every unix user should have its own view of this filesystem.
~  (this file system will be mounted at boot time).

- - this filesystem has a /cifs/.ioctl file which is the io port for a tool 'cifsmount'
~  this will ask the virtuell filesystem to mount or unmount cifs shares.

- - this shares will appear in /cifs/* ( or maybe /cifs/mnt/)
~  (maybe also there will be a /cifs/network/ directory with
~   subdirectories for each known domain and subdirs for servers ...
~   just like the windows network neighbourhood)

- - there will be a /etc/cifsmount.conf and a per user ~/.cifsmount/config
~  for configuration stuff like auth protocol( e.g. disallow lanman...)
~  and other stuff

- - and for making it easier for the users there could be symlink ~/cifs to /cifs
~  in the home directory

3. Problems

- - that would also solve the problem, of what default uid/gid the files should have,
~  just use the ones from the user...

- - as I'm not a kernel specialist, I'm not sure if there will be problems
~  maybe with setuid() and friends.

Comments please?
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