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Jeremy Allison jra at
Mon Aug 16 17:45:14 GMT 2004

On Mon, Aug 16, 2004 at 10:59:43AM +1100, James Peach wrote:
> It just so happens that some of our customers have been seeing this
> problem with the findfirst code. I spent a chunk of last week putting
> together the attached patch (against 3.0.6rc2) which
>         1. Implements a lazy OpenDir for extremely large directory
>         listings.
>         2. Avoids walking the entire directory when there is an exact
>         filename match.
> It's a little complicated, but I _really_ wanted to avoid disturbing the
> logic in get_lanman2_dir_entry().

James, I hate you *so much* :-) :-) :-). This is the code I promised
myself I'd have fun writing this week after the CIFS conference...
Now I just get to integrate yours instead :-( :-(.

Thanks - this looks really good ! It won't make 3.0.6 as we've
frozen that to get out asap but it should be in 3.0.7.

Thanks !


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