my notes from last week's CIFS conference

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Sat Aug 14 22:11:48 GMT 2004

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I thought it would be a good idea to summarize some of  the things
that we discussed and some plans that were made.

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Status of Samba 3.1
- -------------------

If you haven't heard, Samba 3.1 will be the series of development
releases that precede the next major upgrade of Samba, release 3.2.
Previous plans were to focus Samba 3.1 on merging the client layers
from the Samba 4 tree and then add on functionality which would be
easier to achieve  with new infrastructure.  After several various
attempts, Volker and I decided that Samba 4 is too much of a moving
target at the moment to efficiently maintain a synchronized code tree.

Therefore the proposed and accepted plan is to develop Samba 3.0
in its own right and simply be replaced by Samba 4 when it is ready
(Samba 4 is progressing nicely but still in the development stage).
This means that we will shortly be releasing Samba 3.1.0 as a
unstable, development release (similar to the way we did the
3.0alpha releases).  The 3.0 tree will continue to be the branch
intended for production releases. As new features stabilize in 3.1,
we will pull them back into Samba 3.0.x.  Once Samba 3.1.0 has a
significant number of stable changes, we will rename is to Samba 3.2
and begin the process again.  And so on....

Beginning this week, I will re sync the current SAMBA_3_0 tree with
trunk (keeping the new features in trunk) and we will start merging
some new user/group infrastructure. Once that is done, we will release
it as 3.1.0 (hopefully by the end of the month).  One other additional
feature that Jeremy has committed himself to work on is getting the
support in smbd for SAM replication. We would also eventually like to
bring back the IDL infrastructure from Samba 4.

- -----------------------------------------------
Interest in a standard CIFS file/print schema
and cross-vendor remote administration protocol
- -----------------------------------------------

Attendees at the CIFS conference seemed interested in pursuing
exploring the idea of an LDAP schema for representing CIFS
file and print servers that could be supported by CIFS vendors.

A parallel (but related) topic was the development of ms-rpc
based remote administration protocol (Simple CIFS Remote
Administration Protocol -- SCRAP) that could used to manage CIFS
servers from differing vendors.

More discussion on this will take place on a yet to be created
vendor neutral, cifs specific mailing list.  More details to

- -----------

Other developers will probably post their notes/ideas/summaries
as they recuperate from jet lag.

cheers, jerry
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