Accessing Samba with Pocket PC 2003

Christopher R. Hertel crh at
Sat Aug 14 17:19:33 GMT 2004

On Sat, Aug 14, 2004 at 12:57:43PM -0400, Eric Glass wrote:
> > I have not been following this thread closely, but I think I remember the
> > original post.  Something about not being able to log on or not being able
> > to see the network neighborhood or somesuch.  (More clue, on my part,
> > would help.)
> > 
> The PocketPC sends a NegProt request indicating extended security
> w/DOS status codes; Samba responds indicating NT status codes and the
> PocketPC drops the conversation.  Florian set "nt status = No", but
> the subsequent trace displays the same behavior (Samba still appears
> to indicate NT status codes in the NegProt reply).

Now I remember...

There were traces of this.  Do you still have a pointer?  I'm interested,
because this combination isn't supposed to work in general.  I had some
older traces (probably lost now) from Andrew Bartlett that showed the
client sending Extended Security with DOS status codes, and a W2K server
sent back a garbled DOS error code.  

I think I sent this before, but see the !Alert box here:

Anyway, my guess is that we assumed that this indicated that the 
combination was "invalid" from W2K's point of view.

I'd really like to see a trace of this against a W2K server.

Hmmm...  Mebee someone at Microsoft has been reading my book.  ;)

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