Accessing Samba with Pocket PC 2003

Florian Pressler florianp at
Tue Aug 10 07:54:06 GMT 2004

>From: Jeremy Allison <jra at>
>Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2004 18:47:02 -0700

>I took a look at all of these catures, but none of the
>pocketpc -> winxp client captures are useful. Neither
>the first nor third capture contains a negotiate protocol
>setup packet, meaning the session was already established
>when you started the capture.

Hello Jeremy! Thx again for your efforts. This is strange, as I deliberately 
de- and reactivated the WLAN-Adapter to prevent such things. Obviously this 
is cached somehow by Pocket PC 2003. Nevertheless, I will try to obtain more 
useful packet traces, but I will not be able to do this before the day after 

until then,

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