Accepting Story Submissions

Deryck Hodge deryck at
Tue Aug 10 07:29:19 GMT 2004

The Samba Team is pleased to announce that, the recently
added news and information portal for, is now accepting story
submissions.  Please visit <> and follow the link
to "Submit A Story."

So what is a story exactly?  From

"A story may be an actual news piece about Samba, or a link to a news
piece from another site, or a story could be an article someone has
written that relates to Samba. Stories could also be announcements of
related technologies, conferences, etc. that users, developers, and
vendors of Samba might find interesting and/or useful. And in practical
terms, we will also be publishing release announcements and Samba Team
announcements as stories on"

If you have something, or have seen something online, that you think may
be of interest to others in the Samba community, please submit a story
via the submission form on <>.  The Samba news
site is, like the Samba community itself, dependent on contributors.
Whether or not grows and proves useful is completely up
to you, the dedicated users and developers of Samba.

I'll look forward to all the great stories you have to tell.  Cheers,


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