Accessing Samba with Pocket PC 2003

Florian Pressler florianp at
Mon Aug 9 21:57:05 GMT 2004

Jeremy wrote:
>Looks like the PocketPC 2003 doesn't like the reply from out
>negprot. Can you send an ethereal capture trace of this device
>talking to a Win2k/NT server and a similar capture of it failing
>to access Samba ? Once we see where we're different it should be
>relatively easy to track down. Either that or someone sends me
>a PocketPC to test with :-).

Hello Jeremy,

thank you for showing interest in this matter - i will try to provide the 
information you need to track down the problem. You requested capture traces 
of (not) successful communication with  Pocket PC 2003 OS. I can offer you: (successful) (not successful) (winxp successful, samba not, then 
winxp again)

The sambaserver's name is LINUXSERVER with ip, the winxpclient's 

The version of the PDA-software is MS Pocket PC 4.20.0 (Build 13252) with 
the included file-explorer. Samba is version 3.0.4-Debian, with kernel 

There have already been discussions on this topic, but not very fruitful 
ones (MID: <BL9M.KI.11 at>, <1QqNL-4QH-45 at>, 
<c6o7en$gnn$1 at>). Perhaps with the help of the dumps it will be 
possible to solve it... If I can help with any more input, just let me know.


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