Kerberised printing to a Windows print queue

Tom Shaw tomisfaraway at
Fri Aug 6 06:18:47 GMT 2004

Hi folks

I've been having a look at how to allow multiple users to print to a
Windows 2003 print queue without having to specify their username and
password each time. Authentication is important in this situation in
order to keep track of quotas.

As far as I can tell, the solution will need to involve a pam_krb5
module to initialise the user's kerberos credentials on logon, then
use a kerberos-enabled printing program to print to the Windows

It would be perfect I could modify smbspool to be kerberos-enabled and
use it as a backend to CUPS. However the showstopper question is: Does
any information about the user actually reach the CUPS backend? If so,
then I'd love to have a go at modifying smbspool to support this.

Has anyone tried to solve this problem before?

Tom Shaw

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