NTCreateAndX Response with wrong WordCount.

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Sun Aug 1 20:51:01 GMT 2004

Christopher R. Hertel said:
> I am actually seeing 32 bytes in these particular captures.  I keep
> counting it up to be sure.

I think you're right. I don't have the captures I was looking at in front
of me but I recall it was 2 rows of data in the hexdump window in Ethereal
which would be 32 bytes. I don't know how I counted 16. It was late.

> The first few of these extra bytes, in all
> captures I've got, really do look like garbage left over in a buffer (eg.
> the tail end of the filename from the request).

Agreed. Maybe it starts with some reserved fields? The second half does
not look like garbage though.


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