GDB a VFS module

Jagan jaganra at
Thu Apr 22 20:22:17 GMT 2004

Thanks Henrik
         I did a gcc -shared -Ixxx -LYYY -ldrivers -lutils -o
It worked fine and I did a nm on it and it showed no undefined. The actual
libraries that I wanted to link are libdrivers.a and libutils.a which are in
-L path specified. Then I ran from vfstest and same problem again.

Jelmer: I looked at the mysql make and it has a configure option hooked onto
it. Even then
-lmysql is also linking in a .so . In my case I am linking in ".a" into a
".so". Is that a legal thing to do at all.

with best regards

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On Wed, 21 Apr 2004, Jagan wrote:

> * Did the gcc -shared stuff. Didnt help. 

It is the -l... stuff you need.

> * If individual modules are responsible for linking their own 
> libraries then why does a compile of not complain at all. Also 
> ldd of  does not reveal any unlinked dependencies.

Because there is no final linking of taking place until it is loaded
into the application. These missing symbols are simply assumed to be
provided by anoter object later on. The compiler does not know where unless
you instruct it to.

By using the -l.. flags when linking the file you record which
libraries this file depends on, causing these libraries to be loaded at the
same time as this file.

In the same way you can use the ld -rpath flag or LD_RUN_PATH variable to
record any additional directories needed in the search path for finding the
needed libraries at runtime linking without having to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH
each time when running the application.

> In other words the question is how can individual modules make sure 
> they have no unlinked dependecies on a compile from the souce tree.

By instructing the compiler to link to the libraries they need while
building the so file.


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