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Hi Jagan,

On Thu, Apr 22, 2004 at 01:22:17PM -0700, Jagan wrote about 'RE: GDB a VFS module':
> Thanks Henrik
>          I did a gcc -shared -Ixxx -LYYY -ldrivers -lutils -o
> It worked fine and I did a nm on it and it showed no undefined. The actual
> libraries that I wanted to link are libdrivers.a and libutils.a which are in
> the
> -L path specified. Then I ran from vfstest and same problem again.

> Jelmer: I looked at the mysql make and it has a configure option hooked onto
> it. Even then
> -lmysql is also linking in a .so . In my case I am linking in ".a" into a
> ".so". Is that a legal thing to do at all.
What kind of 'legal' do you mean ? Valid ? Or allowed by license/law?

If you would like your module to link against a static library, just specify
the path to that static library, e.g. 

gcc -shared -o abc.c -Ixxx YYY/libdrivers.a

(note that the order of the parameters does matter!)

All libraries your module uses and the module itself have to be under a 
GPL-compatible license, whether they're static or not.



> with best regards
> Jagan.

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> On Wed, 21 Apr 2004, Jagan wrote:

> > * Did the gcc -shared stuff. Didnt help. 

> It is the -l... stuff you need.

> > * If individual modules are responsible for linking their own 
> > libraries then why does a compile of not complain at all. Also 
> > ldd of  does not reveal any unlinked dependencies.

> Because there is no final linking of taking place until it is loaded
> into the application. These missing symbols are simply assumed to be
> provided by anoter object later on. The compiler does not know where unless
> you instruct it to.

> By using the -l.. flags when linking the file you record which
> libraries this file depends on, causing these libraries to be loaded at the
> same time as this file.

> In the same way you can use the ld -rpath flag or LD_RUN_PATH variable to
> record any additional directories needed in the search path for finding the
> needed libraries at runtime linking without having to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH
> each time when running the application.

> > In other words the question is how can individual modules make sure 
> > they have no unlinked dependecies on a compile from the souce tree.

> By instructing the compiler to link to the libraries they need while
> building the so file.

> Regards
> Henrik

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