NTLM group retrieval

Jonny Larson Jonny.Larson at nokia.com
Wed Apr 21 18:19:36 GMT 2004

Reposting as I've received no replies.

Could anyone at least point me toward a good NTLM documentation source?

Jonny L.

ext Jonny Larson wrote:

> Hello:
> Is it possible to do dynamic group retrieval in an old NT4 domain via 
> NTLM.  Does the NTLM protocol support anything like that?  Is it 
> possible to retrieve group membership information from an NT4 domain 
> controller?
> To be clear, we are NOT using Active Directory.  We just have an NT4 
> domain with primary & secondary DC's (and also WINS).
> TIA,
> Jonny L.

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