a proposal for Samba 3.5

Jean-Baptiste Marchand Jean-Baptiste.Marchand at hsc.fr
Fri Apr 16 15:48:34 GMT 2004

* tridge at samba.org <tridge at samba.org> [01/01/70 - 01:00]:

> What we are telling you is that in a future version of Samba the
> current rpcclient tool will go away. The tool is too fundamentally
> broken in design (both interface and internally) to survive.

Just to say that rpcclient is a very useful tool, at least for
penetration testers and systems administrators in Windows environment...

With the IDL-based MSRPC implementation of Samba4, I think rpcclient
could support even more interesting commands. 

Even if Windows remote administration tools use less and less DCE/RPC
over SMB and more and more WMI (DCOM based), IMHO, rpcclient is still a
very useful tool to have IMHO...

But I suppose it is hard to speak about porting rpcclient to Samba4
without volunteering to do the work...

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Jean-Baptiste.Marchand at hsc.fr
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