Multiple instances of smbd and nmbd

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at Sun.COM
Thu Apr 15 12:27:03 GMT 2004

OLIVER Patrice wrote:
> I would like to run samba on a AIX cluster running HACMP.
> Each node has a static IP and a floating IP.
> On node 1, I want to share :
> /Appli/Node1/dataprod1
> On node 2, I want to share :
> /Appli/Node2/dataprod2
> This cluster uses TPRX to publish groups :
> SRV001 for node 1
> SRV002 for node 2
> These groups are linked to floating IP
> SRV001 refers to /Appli/Node1/dataprod1
> SRV002 refers to /Appli/Node2/dataprod2
> If node 1 fails, SRV001 group is stopped on this machine and starts on node 2
> Is it possible to get 2 instances of smbd and nmbd on the same machine, using different smb.conf 
> files ?

	It's probbaly easier to rename a .conf file to make the
	server that's running start serving the additional tree.

	As the windows clients predominantly use  WINS names
	rather than DNS names adresses, it's also necessary
	to have the names linked in some reasonable way to
	the dynamic IP address.

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