Multiple instances of smbd and nmbd

OLIVER Patrice patrice.oliver at
Thu Apr 15 10:14:40 GMT 2004


I would like to run samba on a AIX cluster running HACMP.
Each node has a static IP and a floating IP.

On node 1, I want to share :

On node 2, I want to share :

This cluster uses TPRX to publish groups :
SRV001 for node 1
SRV002 for node 2

These groups are linked to floating IP

SRV001 refers to /Appli/Node1/dataprod1
SRV002 refers to /Appli/Node2/dataprod2

If node 1 fails, SRV001 group is stopped on this machine and starts on node 2

Is it possible to get 2 instances of smbd and nmbd on the same machine, using different smb.conf 
files ?

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