summary of decisions team meeting @ Samba XP

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Tue Apr 13 15:58:02 GMT 2004

Here's a quick summary for everyone:

CVS repository converted to Subversion
See for details.

Kernel versioning scheme officially adopted
Most people are familar with this scheme, but
just in case

	MAJOR	3, 4, etc....
	PATCH	patch releases with a stable
		unstable branch

New Roadmap Chosen (3.1/3.2 and 3.9/4.0)

We have adopted Tridge's proposal

Samba XP Roadmap presentation

We will begin 3.1.x releases hopefully by the end of June.
The HEAD/trunk branch will continue to be named 3.1.x with
some updates to make use of SVN revision numbers for the
build.  Once the 3.1.x series is functionality complete
and nearing the transition to 3.2, we will create a
SAMBA_3_2 branch and begin 3.2.0preX releases until[ we
hit 3.2.0.  If all goes well, the 3.2.0 will be out before
the end of the year.

There are several other features looming for 3.1/3.2
but the first goal is to get the client pieces merged
from 4.0.  Tridge will bw working on the merge.  Those
living in trunk will suffer some build breakage while this
is going on.  More details to follow later.

Metze is working on snapshots of the 4.0 tree which will
be labeled 3.9.x.  These are for encouraging more interaction
from the developer community.  Still a lot of work to be done

Bugzilla server to be upgraded sometime next week

More details to follow as we get closer to the switch.

cheers, jerry

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