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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Wed Apr 14 15:22:38 GMT 2004

Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

> --------------------------------------------
> Kernel versioning scheme officially adopted
> --------------------------------------------
> Most people are familar with this scheme, but
> just in case
>     MAJOR    3, 4, etc....
>     MINOR    even == STABLE odd == UNSTABLE
>     PATCH    patch releases with a stable
>         unstable branch

You may have also noted that metze just finished some
changes so that we can identify CVS checkouts better.
When build from SVN.  We are ditching the alpha and beta

The new schema is


For examnple "3.0.3pre3-SVN-build-212" where 212 is the
SVN revision number.  So people don't have to refer to
checkout dates anymore.

Official snapshots and releases will continue to be
labeled as


(e.g. "3.0.3") with the actual revision number stored
in a file in the tarball.

cheers, jerry
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