Problems in FAO MailServ Reply command processing

FAO MailServ Reply mailserv-reply at
Wed Apr 7 15:43:58 GMT 2004

Error in the command: Hello!
Unrecognized command verb: HELLO
Subsequent commands ignored because of previous error.
Ignored: I have spent much time for your document.
Ignored: Thanks
Ignored: Important Notice
Ignored: ----------------
Ignored: File: summary8.pif has been removed
Ignored: As an anti-virus measure, FAO's Email system has replaced the sender's
Ignored: original attachment with this harmless text attachment. The original
Ignored: attachment was of a type deemed to be dangerous.
Ignored: The sender of this message has NOT been notified that the attachment was
Ignored: deleted.
Ignored: This policy was implemented in agreement with all departments in order to
Ignored: avoid a repeat of the virus outbreak of May 2000 where users were left
Ignored: without network services (Email, file shares, etc) for several days as a
Ignored: result of the "I Love You" virus. Since implementation of this policy,
Ignored: similar outbreaks have not re-occurred.
Ignored: Regards,
Ignored: Messaging Team.
Use the HELP command to get a list of legal MAILSERV commands.

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