a proposal for Samba 3.5

tridge at samba.org tridge at samba.org
Thu Apr 1 01:29:11 GMT 2004


 > >    - the ldb database
 > would be great to hear more details on that topic...

I committed a initial snapshot of the ldb code to the Samba4 cvs tree
yesterday. If you try the following commands you will get a basic idea
of what it does:

cd source/lib/ldb
make -f Makefile.ldb

bin/ldbadd < tests/test-index.ldif
bin/ldbadd < tests/test.ldif
bin/ldbsearch '(|(drink=water)(pager=*))' mail title drink

then look at ldb.h for what the C API is like. If you are at all
familiar with LDAP then it should be easy to understand.

 > ... and I'd like to hear thorough instruction on how to add tests to the
 > torture suite. My request applies both to pure smb tests and rpc as
 > well.

I'm happy to give demos of doing this while at SambaXP.

Cheers, Tridge

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