new fields in SAM_DOMAIN_INFO

Richard Renard rrenard at
Tue Sep 30 16:04:22 GMT 2003

> buf_account_lockout contains:
> uint32 max_count
> uint32 offset
> uint32 actual_count
> NTTIME lockout_duration
> NTTIME reset_count_minutes

> uint32 bad_lockout_attempt   /* dont know if it is 16 ou 32 bits */
> uint8 padding[4]

About the padding i put after bad_lockout_attempt:

maybe i should have called it unknown or reserved as a 32 bits field

we know that bad lockout attempt goes up to 999 under NT4 which is
0x3E7, so it fits well in 16bits but we have a 48bits of space after.
which seems not to be logic.

Two choices
/* to mimic the behavior of the old unknown_5 field*/
uint16 bad_lockout_attempt
uint16 logon_count	
uint32 unknown|reserved


uint32 bad_lockout_attempt
uint32 unknown|reserved

Richard Renard <rrenard at>

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