new fields in SAM_DOMAIN_INFO

Richard Renard rrenard at
Mon Sep 29 16:04:08 GMT 2003

in struct sam_domain_info_info, rpc_netlogon.h

the field UNIHDR hdr_unknown refers to UNISTR2 buf_unknown

hdr_unknown -> hdr_account_lockout
buf_unknown -> buf_account_lockout

in ethereal 0.9.15
those fields are in the first dummy after the LSA_SECURITY_DESCRIPTOR

hdr_account_lockout contains:
uint16 size
uint16 length
uint32 referent_id

buf_account_lockout contains:

uint32 max_count
uint32 offset
uint32 actual_count
NTTIME lockout_duration
NTTIME reset_count_minutes
uint32 bad_lockout_attempt   /* dont know if it is 16 ou 32 bits */
uint8 padding[4]

the two NTTIME are treated as a number of seconds as in

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