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> Date:	Tue Sep 30 01:30:16 2003
> Author:	tridge
> Update of /home/cvs/samba/source
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>       Tag: SAMBA_3_0
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> when we don't have a working iconv library we must default to using only
> builtin charsets. Defaulting to CP850 when we have just determined that
> it doesn't work just guarantees that Samba won't work at all (in fact it
> just seg faults at startup). This fixes Samba on AIX, and I expect on a
> bunch of other platforms.
In fact, we need more detailed check -- if CP850 does not work through
system's iconv due various facts including absence of system's iconv
library, then we need to check whether dynamic loading is working properly
and use our charset module CP850 or check whether it was asked to be compiled in
statically into smbd as both those are solutions to the problem.

> Revisions:
>		1.300.2.169 => 1.300.2.170

/ Alexander Bokovoy

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