account rights (privileges) on 3.0-rc4

Jeremy Allison jra at
Mon Sep 29 21:43:54 GMT 2003

On Mon, Sep 29, 2003 at 11:40:26AM +0200, lu wrote:
> Hi,
> During our test on Samba 3.0-RC4 we have had problems on account rights API.
> We used the API function EnumerateAccountRights to list user's rights. The
> function is defined as following:
> 	NTSTATUS LsaEnumerateAccountRights(
> 	  LSA_HANDLE PolicyHandle,
> 	  PSID AccountSid,
> 	  PULONG CountOfRights
> 	);
> The function got the "access denied" return code after it was issued.
> Is this correct for Samba 3.0-RC4? Is there any API test program to show if
> the functions are implemented?
> How is now the implementation on privileges on Samba 3.0, that means if the
> account rights are all implemented?

Can you send me a Win32 test program I can run against a Samba
server to track this bug down ?



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