account rights (privileges) on 3.0-rc4

lu at
Mon Sep 29 09:40:26 GMT 2003

During our test on Samba 3.0-RC4 we have had problems on account rights API.
We used the API function EnumerateAccountRights to list user's rights. The
function is defined as following:
	NTSTATUS LsaEnumerateAccountRights(
	  LSA_HANDLE PolicyHandle,
	  PSID AccountSid,
	  PULONG CountOfRights
The function got the "access denied" return code after it was issued.
Is this correct for Samba 3.0-RC4? Is there any API test program to show if
the functions are implemented?
How is now the implementation on privileges on Samba 3.0, that means if the
account rights are all implemented?

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Jianliang Lu

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