Good location for *.msg files for swat i18n?

TAKAHASHI Motonobu monyo at
Tue Sep 23 03:18:58 GMT 2003

>I've updated bug #456 with a few ideas:
>Step #1 is to move the msg files from source/po to swat/lang.  I don't 
>think it's appropriate for them to be in the source directory.  
>Step #2 (patch in bugzilla) is to modify the installswat script to 
>install the msg files from swat/lang to $prefix/swat/lang/$ln/$ln.msg 
>where $ln is the browser's preferred language.  A small modification to 
>lang_tdb.c is required here.
>I think $prefix/swat/lang is a better place for the msg files than

For SWAT, I think it's OK and go ahead.

But remember that d_printf() is used by commands, though I think
commands should use local message catalogue system:


I will post this issue (how to fix message catalogue for commands) to
bugzilla as another problem than SWAT.
This issue is minor and is not needed to be fixed until Samba 3.0.0.

|I recommend that
|  1. Samba internal message catalogue system for SWAT
|     Indeed GNU gettext() is used in Samba Japanese Edition, but is
|     not the essential matter. We can use another product regardless
|     of what message catalugue system is used in a platform.
|  2. a message catalogue system used on the platform for commands
|     Unlike SWAT, the language of Samba command output should be
|     essentially same as that of platform command output.
|     For example we should be able to change the output language of
|     "ls" command, "smbclient" and other commands of manually
|     installed products at a time.

Currently message catalogue system for SWAT is implemented with
d_printf(). d_printf() is also used in commands, but there are no
message catalogue for them and no call for init_lang_tdb() so the
d_printf()s are indeed equal to printf().

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