Samba 3 and LDAP support, semi-broken ?

gary ng garyng2000 at
Mon Sep 22 09:47:08 GMT 2003


I am testing Samba 3.0(PDC) with LDAP as the passwd
backend. However, it seems that the smbpass.c code
doesn't honour the nsswitch.conf parameter(at least
under linux).

The password authentication of samba goes alright but
not the unix part which is supposed to find a local
unix uid/gid combination. Here my finding is that if I
add the user to the local passwd/groups files, samba
works as expected. However, if I also stored them on
ldap server, samba fails to find it.

This is not what I expected as I am using LDAP as the
backend for all unix account management, other than
root which I also have a local entry on each machine(I
have no problem login using this arrangement for local
unix shell login etc.)

Is this an intended feature or have I done something
wrong ? This would means that I need to duplicate the
adduser setup on all the member servers if my
understanding of samba is right(every samba account
must have a local unix account equivalent).


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