Domainmixing (bug or feature ?)

Dipl. Phys. Jörg Schläger js at
Mon Sep 22 11:06:22 GMT 2003


I use samba 2.2.8a-Suse as PDC (JSDEVELOP ) (with smbpasswd and YP )
I used samba3.0rc4 as memberserver all worked fine
I try to setup samba3.0rc4 as PDC for a new domain (JSTDB) with passdb.tdb
instead of smbpasswd
the new samba3.0rc4 PDC has no accounts (user or machines) yet (there ist no
ofcourse there are machine accounts in /etc/passwd because of YP.

Now my 2.2.8a PDC shows all systems of domain JSDEVELOP in domain JSTDB too,
and I can work with them.

J Schläger

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